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Martha McConaghy, who hosts the Knights website, wrote in 1997 -

One of the best aspects of working with the VM operating system is becoming part of its community of systems programmers and administrators. For 25 years, this community has been a wonderful place to learn and find mutual support. It has also been known for its lively, often wacky, sense of humor. Who else but VM'ers would dress like "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" for a birthday party for an operating system?

The very best thing about VM'ers, however, is their willingness to help each other through the rough spots and to share their knowledge and skills with everyone. Some years ago, a group decided to thank those VM'ers who had especially contributed to the VM community by creating the "The Order of the Knights of VM". Inductees were given official titles such as "Sir Arty, the Toolmaker". Every 5 years a new group of VM'ers are recognized for their contributions. In 1997, I was very honored to be included among them (Dame Martha, the Magisterial).

There is a "logo" of sorts that someone created in the distant past, which is shown on the Knights' website. Mark Post re-created it in higher resolution form.
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