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Welcome to the mainframe Linux and z/VM wiki

There's not a lot of content here since we just installed the software to get the wiki working. We're hoping that people will contribute that content, and we'll be able to come to some decisions as to how to organize the main page, and any necessary sub pages. We're not going to adhere to the (sometimes insane) standards of Wikipedia, but there are some rules we'd like to lay out for everyone:

  1. Although technically not absolutely necessary, we are requiring that anyone contributing to the wiki create an account before doing so. In part, this is hoped to help with the next item.
  2. Keep things civil and professional, both in the articles themselves, as well as the discussion pages for them. This isn't Usenet, so any pattern of flaming or just being a jerk in general will result in banishment.
  3. Keep things accurate. We expect vendor-specific information to be entered here (although we'd prefer to not have pricing details). But, any exaggerated claims, vapor ware announcements and the like are subject to summary deletion.
  4. Try to keep bias to a minimum. Everyone has their favorite distribution or way of doing things. Try not to let others people's preferences in those areas be cause for any Holy Wars [TM].
  5. If you don't own the copyright to something, don't add it to the wiki. We really don't want to be getting any DMCA take down notices from anyone.
  6. Use common sense in general. Anyone that shows a pattern of not being able to do that will likely get banished.

Some possible topics to get things started