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Mainframe Linux is the generic name for the native port of Linux to IBM's S/390, zSeries, and System z hardware platforms. It runs on the bare hardware, in an LPAR and as a guest of z/VM (or VM). Since its inception, it's been called by a number of names:

  • Mainframe Linux
  • Linux/390
  • Linux for S/390
  • Linux for zSeries
  • Linux for System z
  • z/Linux is the official home of the Linux/390 project, and acts as an adjunct to the Linux-390 mailing list hosted by Marist College. The purpose of the Linux/390 project is to provide a central source of mainframe Linux information and software, and to explore the possibilities of Linux and CP integration or interoperation.

This wiki is intended to be a place where people interested in mainframe Linux can collect information to share with each other.