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Frequently Asked Questions about mainframe Linux

Will Linux run in an LPAR with only a CP and NO IFL ?

The following outline was used for the original FAQ that was hosted by Marist College. It looks pretty outdated, (note the reference to S/390, VIF and VM/ESA which haven't been around for quite a long time) but I'm including it because it may act as a jumping off point for revisions, as opposed to trying to come up with everything from scratch. I've also included two mailing list items that cropped up during my search for the actual contents of the FAQ. At one point, they were pretty common questions, but might not be appropriate today.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Linux on the S/390
    1. What is Linux for S/390?
    2. Why run Linux on the S/390?
    3. What is the Bigfoot (i370) Port?
    4. What is the Linux for S/390 Port?
  2. Running Linux on the S/390
    1. What are the hardware requirements for running Linux on S/390 hardware?
    2. What are the common ways for running Linux on S/390 hardware?
      1. Native
      2. Logical Partition (LPAR)
      3. Virtual Image Facility (VIF)
      4. VM/ESA Guest
  3. Running Linux as a VM Guest
    1. Isn't there a performance cost for running Linux on VM?
    2. How many Linux instances can run on VM simultaneously?
    3. Can virtual machines be managed from Linux/390?
    4. Can Linux be used to manage VM?
  4. General mainframe concepts for the non-mainframe user
    1. What are the differences between S/390 and OS/390?
    2. What is VM?
    3. What is CP?
    4. What is CMS?
    5. Does Linux on VM require CMS?
  5. General Linux concepts for the non-linux user
    1. What is Linux?
    2. What is a distribution?
    3. What about the UNIX System Services of OS/390 and VM/ESA?
  6. Common software Linux/390 questions
    1. What distributions are there for Linux on S/390?
    2. What software runs in the Linux/390 environment?
    3. Where can I find RPMS for the S390?
    4. Where can I find a JDK for Linux/390?
    5. How do I run GUI tools from the Linux for S/390 server?
    6. What is VNC?
    7. Whats the differences between LILO, SILO, and ZILO?
    8. I forgot my root password. What do I do now?
    9. What is Hercules?
  7. Common hardware related Linux/390 questions
    1. What are the ways of backing up my Linux/390 system?
    2. What is BogoMIPS?
    3. What is IEEE FPU Emulation?
  8. More Resources
    1. Where can I find more Linux information?
    2. Where can I find other Linux for S/390 information?
    3. Is there a mailing list?


This sounds like the "name resolution timeout" problem that a lot of new installations experience. Make sure the entries in /etc/resolv.conf are correct and specify the search domain and at least one name server.

Harry, I can't recall if this question was going to be included in the FAQ or not, but it should be.

Mark Post

--Original Message---
From: Robert Spencer Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2001 9:29 AM To: LINUX-390@VM.MARIST.EDU Subject: SuSE ESCON0 CTC Question

We have SuSE installed in an LPAR with connectivity to the network provided by an ESCON CTC to a z/OS LPAR which in turn is connected to a CISCO CIP card to provide LAN connectivity. We are seeing about a 1min. and 15 second delay to Telnet into SuSE from any PC on the network.

Any ideas on what the problem might be?

Also, we have a Marist (Kernel 2.2.16) system built that we can also IPL into the same LPAR with the same network configuration attachment, using the same IP address and MTU sizes, and do not experience this problem.

This has gotten to be a FAQ, so I just (right now) put up a new page on linuxvm.org to address it. Take a look at http://linuxvm.org/Info/HOWTOs/movefs.html for details,