DFSMS ADRDSSU backup/restore of z/VM and Linux volumes

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We use DFSMS ADRDSSU utility under z/OS to backup and restore our z/VM and Linux volumes for Disaster Recovery. This requires that all Linux virtual machines (VMs) be shutdown and logged off for a predefined backup window. Ours is Sunday night, 20:00-23:59. The actual backups do not normally take this long, but it lines up with a previously agreed window for database backups.

We stack 10-15 3390M9 volumes on TS1120 encrypting tape drives. We run multiple jobs at the same time to get all volumes backed up in the available window.

Backup JCL (The stuff is Italics has to be replaced for your installation)

//VMDSTR01  JOB  (xxxx,yyyy),'DUMP VM/LINUX',
//VMDRBKUP  EXEC  PGM=ADRDSSU,REGION=8192K                              
//IN1       DD  UNIT=3390,VOL=SER=VMARES,DISP=SHR                       
//          RETPD=ddd,LABEL=(1,SL),UNIT=tape-esoteric,                        
//          VOL=(,RETAIN)                                               
//IN2       DD  UNIT=3390,VOL=SER=VMA901,DISP=SHR                       
//          RETPD=ddd,LABEL=(2,SL),UNIT=(tape-esoteric,,DEFER),               
//          VOL=(,RETAIN,REF=*.OUTVOL1)                                 
//SYSPRINT  DD  SYSOUT=*                                                
//SYSIN     DD  *                                                       
 DUMP      INDDNAME(IN1)                                 -              
           OUTDDNAME(OUTVOL1) TOL(IOER) OPTIMIZE(4)      -              
           ADMIN CPVOLUME TRACKS(0,0,10016,14)                          
 DUMP      INDDNAME(IN2)                                 -              
           OUTDDNAME(OUTVOL2) TOL(IOER) OPTIMIZE(4)      -              
           ADMIN CPVOLUME TRACKS(0,0,10016,14)                          

Restore JCL (The stuff is Italics has to be replaced for your installation)

//J0924262  JOB (xxxx,yyyy),'VM/Linux Restore',CLASS=A,      
//             NOTIFY=&SYSUID.,MSGCLASS=X,MSGLEVEL=(1,1)     
//RESTORES  EXEC  PGM=ADRDSSU,REGION=6M                      
//SYSPRINT  DD  SYSOUT=*                                     
//ODD01     DD  VOL=SER=targetvolser,UNIT=3390,DISP=OLD      
//IDD01     DD  DSN=VMDSTR.VVMARES.D2009242,                 
// DISP=(OLD,KEEP,KEEP),UNIT=3590-1,                         
// LABEL=(1,SL),                                             
// VOL=(,RETAIN,SER=(tapevolser))                            
//ODD02     DD  VOL=SER=targetvolser,UNIT=3390,DISP=OLD      
//IDD02     DD  DSN=VMDSTR.VVMA901.D2009242,                 
// DISP=(OLD,KEEP,KEEP),UNIT=AFF=IDD01,                      
// LABEL=(2,SL),                                             
// VOL=(,RETAIN,REF=*.IDD01)                                 
//SYSIN     DD  *                                            
   REST TRKS(0,0,10016,14) IDD(IDD01) ODD(ODD01) CAN CPYV PRG
   REST TRKS(0,0,10016,14) IDD(IDD02) ODD(ODD02) CAN CPYV PRG